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Have you sold the 140hph speedo? Shoot me a text if you want. Dan. 724 219 8145
Hello Allan I,be been trying to find your post about a f series truck fuel tank in a ranger. ThanKS if you could help me I have looked at 200 pages so far.
Hello again< from a different angle. I'm not sure where to post a Q? I want to gut my entire engine bay (I think) to install my Cleveland but I'm not sure what wiring nightmare I would create. Where would I post such a Question or is there a resident expert on this matter?? Thanks, Jack
LOL, what are you doing here, cheating on the 6.7?
LOL, no just figured since I got the '01 Ranger, I should find a place to BS about it. It might as well have been a 6.0 for all the money I've sunk in it so far.
Yeah I got a 96 ranger for my boy to drive to school. Figured it'd be cheaper than his 91 F350. The automatic trans isn't locking the TC up and the mileage sucks. Trying to decide whether to fix it or do a manual trans swap.
Which engine? 4.0? I'm guessing it's a 4R44 trans. If so, they're not all that complicated. I just went through mine (5R55E, but same basic trans) because thre PO had ruptured the cooler in the radiator and the coolant delaminated the friction material on the 3rd gear band. Mine's a 4x4 4.0 SOHC with 4.10 gears. I'm getting about 17 mpg driving it to work and back. Was hoping for more like 20. My 6.7 gets 18. LOL
Been busy at work finally pulled the ranger out of garage and fixed tire after the mud bogs back in july