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Sorry to intrude but do you have any more pics of that flatbed? It looks great especially with the under bed boxes. My son is a certified welder, I'm a welding hack, and a flatbed would be perfect for me. Selling my OE bed would probably pay for the materials.
Tell me where to send photos, not sure how to post them on my profile...
Thanks, I just now saw this. My son has stacks of steel at his place from his days building custom boat trailers. The company closed up and he got most of the unused stock. Agreed, hopefully the bed sale might pay for some used toolboxes though.

I sold my oe bed for $150 just to get it gone
Hi, I was wondering if you would mind sending me a link to the “no spark” troubleshooting guide? I can’t find it.
Hey Man, haven't seen you on TRS forums for a while... was wondering if you ever got a HURST shifter for your '93 Ranger, BECAUSE... I'd love to buy that FX4-Level II "bent-back" shifter stem you were using... let me know, thanks.
Jazzer here, I was wondering if you knew a reputable independent mechanic in our area who could replace my clutch? Thanks in advance!
For the most part, if it is beyond my skill, patience or spare time I would take it to Don Hind Ford here in Fishers. Even my Buick. They have treated me pretty good. Have not come across an independant mechanic that I like. Are you in the northeast Indianapolis area?
Yes, 96th and Keystone area, matter of fact I bought the truck at Don Hinds. I had Carmel Auto and Truck as a mech but he sold out. I'll keep looking, thanks for the reply. :)
All 3 of those engines good?
Yes but they are for my projects... Where you located??? I know people and can probably find one!
Indianapolis, IN. Theres a chance I might need a new head. The valve train makes quite a bit of racket when running...at least thats what I think it is but wouldn't mind a second opinion.
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May be interested in the djm setup depending on price🙂! Also are they bolt or pin style calipers?
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