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We're here: JET Performance!


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Oct 6, 2015
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Huntington Beach, CA
Hey everyone! We are so excited to finally be on here with you guys. We've loved this forum for quite some time and can't wait to interact more with you all.

Here's what we do:

47 years ago JET Performance Products started off as an engine building and carburetor shop that specialized in Drag Racing applications. In the early years the company sponsored and ran many of its own Drag cars in IHRA and NRHA which resulted in national records in three different classes. With changes in the industry happening, our owner Bryant saw an opportunity. Thousands of hours of research and development went into releasing our first performance chips for General Motors applications and JET Performance Products was on its way to becoming the leader in tuning technology for these new cars and trucks. 47 years later JET Performance Products we have developed a huge array of products that fit over 40,000 applications and continue to release new products to improve the performance of today’s cars and trucks every year. Every year we introduce new products and applications for thousands of applications that are only available from JET Performance Products. Our Engineers and development team continue to bring you new and innovative products that will enhance your driving experience and get the most from your vehicle. Today, JET Performance is the top manufacturer of performance tuning products including carburetors, programmers, tuning software, mass air sensors, spacers, etc.

Here's what you'll get from us here:

We're here to answer questions you may have, release new products and applications, post about events, and the occasional discount that is just for TRS fans!

If you have questions and want a more immediate response you can always call us or email us:
(714) 848-5515

Please check out our BRAND NEW website and let us know what you think!

Cheers! :icon_cheers: