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Jim Oaks

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The following user(s) has been banned:

bronco2guy: Sold brinker88 a Dana 44 carrier containing a Lock Right locker. The pins in the locker were sheered, and the side teeth were chipped. bronco2guy told brinker88

"Sorry, photos still don't prove its not a different one from one I sold. Either way used parts are sold as Is, and I dont rem price but was close to what carrier alone cost anyways. It worked before I pulled, i wanted a selectable locker."
brinker88 bought these parts for an upcoming Dana 44 swap, and couldn't have sheered the pins because he doesn't even have a Dana 44 under the truck right now to use it in.

379bobo: Sold creekman a 2.9L harness for a 1991-1992 2.9L that wouldn't fit his 1988. 379bobo ignored his emails so creekman filed a Paypal dispute. 379bobo said he would refund him if he closed the dispute. creekman closed the dispute, but 379bobo never refunded him and stuck him with a $125.00 he paid for the harness.

Eat it? You knew what you were purchasing. Being that you're assumption was wrong doesn't mean I was beating you. Why would I return ur money when what you purchased off me was what u recieved.. why would I have to eat 25$ in shipping for you're **** up. So before you go bad mouthing me on the forums try and learn a little bit more about ur vehicle dumbass. They have paypal buyer protection for a reason. You opened a case and paypal closed it in my favor... nice try
Bull ****ing shit, you said IT WOULD FIT, I just wanted my money back & Paypal didnt close the case I DID cuz YOU told me in an email that YOU would REFUND my MONEY when I CLOSED THE PAYPAL CASE! So instead of returning my emails & PM'S to say im out of luck you just ignored me altogether? A big **** You Josh & i hope like hell karma bites you so hard in the ass! If i wasnt so far away id be knocking on your god damn house door since i have your address to settle this in person! Maybe one day i Just might make it to New Jersey!
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