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TurboFord SW Ontario - COME IN Plz [spring track day] MI/NY look too.


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Sep 22, 2007
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Waterford, Ontario Canada
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2.3 Soon Turbo

The guys over on TurboFord are having a spring track day in South Western Ontario. So for all you guys in Ohio, NY, Michigan ect and Ontario come on out.:3gears:

Schlodes said:
Hello ladies and gents. I'd really like to try this one last time [if this doesn't get a few of us out there, and a day happens, I won't ever bother again] and get a bunch of us out there... test and tune if you want, just hang out, make friends, exchange info, make new friends, sell parts, if you want.. you don't HAVE to race.. there will be enough of us doing that [Wink]

Ontario 2.3 Turbo guys I can think of off the top off my head I decided to list below..... most are on here, the ones not.. I can reach... and i plan to contact everyone.

I know there are 4 or 5 2.3T Ontario Ranger incl that 10 sec one with the Zetec, he is MORE than welcome.. love to see that truck!

Basically, anyone/anything 2.3 interested, or powered... COME OUT!!!

SW Ontario 2.3T owners *I* can think of..

Me - 85 TC low 12s.
Chris H/Seahag - 88 TC was 11.80s, now 85 stang?
Mike aka Scones - 86 5.0GT, TT 5.0/C4, 10.80s @ 126, YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME OUT! [Smile]
Jake - 1993 LX stock short, porting up top should be bottom 12s.
Steve S - 1985 GT stang - should go low low 12 or 11.90.
Gil A - mint 88 TC- has a pimp and other mods
Tomi - Merk? - Not sure whats done.
Rod D - 84 XR7 - 2.3T lots of mods, least low 12s
Marco - various svos.
Rob - Hertz SVO
Darryl - Mint white LX 2.3T, capable of crazy HP and ET/MPH
Chris B - turbo 5.0 - COME OUT
Brian H - Tins. - 10s on first passes one in a groove?
Devin B - blue LX 2.3T - 12.50s?
Novaman / Jeff - 88 Turbo Coupe
Fairmont - 87TC IHI, auto IHI 14.0s from Quebec.
Mthd11 - 93 hatch 2.3T
2Boosted - 86 Mustang 2.3T
Deathbypsi - maybe.. 2.3T Ranger from MI.

Ranger guys chime in.. lets get a total group and from there, see who's gonna be ready to roll in april and willing to go....

Only 60 days away and we'll be back at it... I'm going to make a grand effort one last time to round everyone up and do a track day... I hope it works out we had a blast when we did this the first time...


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