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Tonneau covers for an 83-92


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I like having a tonneau cover on my trucks. Sometimes they get in the way, but usually my bed is empty or what's in it will fit below the cover. Keeps an honest person honest, and things hidden from nosy eyes.

I bought a used CheckerPro Checkmate FX tonneau years ago when I was going to build a '86 Ranger short bed. Back then this was the only thing in flush mount, low profile tonneau covers. Now I'm building an 85 Ranger long bed instead and that company is no longer in business. There are however a lot more options for a low profile, flush tonneau cover than there were back then. Nicer options too.

I'm really liking the folding options that are available these days, however I'm not seeing much listed for the 83-92 Rangers. A few roll up covers, but not the folding like I'm interested in. I'm in particular thinking about the Bakflip line of covers since I like how they will fold up against the back of the cab for full bed use.

Since these covers sit down inside the bed rails and just have a small lip that rests on top of them, most shouldn't be affected by the changes in body styling as long as the inside dimensions have remained the same. So, have they?

Comparing long bed to long bed and short bed to short, I know that 83-92 are the same and interchangable. I know that 93-2011 are the same and interchangeable. I know that the outsides are different, but that the earlier beds will physically install on a later truck and vice-versa.

Are they dimensionally the same inside the rails?

Anyone tried installing a 93-2011 hard tonneau cover on a 83-92 truck?

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