Swapping gears in Dana 35 sla

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Mar 4, 2008
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So at low speed in 4wd would it even be noticable, I'm talking not even above 35 on dirt most likely
You are never going to notice the difference between 4.10s and 4.11s. It is totally fine.

Running 4.10 in front/4:11 is back is OK, Heep did it quite often (Mud trucks do it too). 4:11 in front/4:10 in back is BAD - the @$$ end is trying to push the front which can result in loss of control.
I'm really struggling to understand this - if you're in 2wd, the gearing in the front is totally irrelevant... even with a full time 4x4 truck, I'm thinking of a Wagoneer, Power Wagon, even a full size Bronco with a 203 and drive slugs in the front end... you will never notice that 0.01 difference in gearing. I am fairly confident that some trucks even came with gear ratios further apart than that from the factory and some axles don't even have certain gears available (thinking specifically 4.11 and 4.10 gears here, 3.45/3.50/3.55 ratios as well.) In any case, 4.11 and 4.10 are so close for all intents and purposes that they may as well be the same. In some applications your ratio number is even rounded off after two digits.

Expanding on that, in 4 wheel drive, it only really matters if you have all four tires on a hard surface. Dirt/gravel/mud etc, absolutely no problem.

FWIW a lot of the mud drag guys run different gears in the front than they do in the rear as well as much larger tires in the rear... deep gears in the rear with big tires and shallow in the front with small tires and the final ratio on the ground ends up being about the same.