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Steering wheel removal/install


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Aug 25, 2016
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Removal and installation of Gen2 steering wheel. It's super easy and probably doesnt need a how to but...
Disconnect battery
remove two Phillips screws behind steering wheel.
Pull cover off and disconnect horn plug
Remove 15mm bolt holding wheel to column.
There's a damper that can be set aside, re install bolt three or for threads
Place socket on bolt put your knees behind bottom of wheel and pull on top of wheel and smack socket with hammer until wheels free. I did not use the socket like a dummy and smushed my bolt:(

Place column adapter on column arrow pointing up. I applied a little grease and taped with hammer a little bit.

Place trim ring and adapter over and finger start 2 bolts, the third put blue thread locker and finger tighten, then remove other two one by one and put thread locker on those.. doing it like this is less messy and frustrating, reinstall 15mm bolt with blue thread locker and tighten all 4 bolts down.

I had to take my adapter off and rotate because it has provisions for 5 and 6 hole steering wheel, and I had it on 6 not 5.
You should hook up orn button which I dont have one right now. Then install steering wheel the same way the adapter was installed, all screws but one blue thread lock last one then remove others one by one and tighten them down! Reconnect battery.
Heres a little size comparison, Enjoy!


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