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Speedometer help!!!


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Mar 31, 2010
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Last weekend I went out wheeling and hit a few puddle going as fast as I could and the force ripped my VSS off the diff and when I went to plug it back in (this has happened before) the plug in the axle had been ripped out so I went the last week without a working speedo. I put in the new VSS today and it works for the most part however when I'm slowing down the speedometer will drop very slowly in comparison to how it used to be and when I use the brakes to come to a stop it will freeze where its at then fall down once I release the brake. When I noticed it I would tap my brake as I can to a stop and it would drop down 5mph at a time with each brake.

I don't know if somehow I installed it wrong or what but also I had it up on jacks as I did it and for fun I got in to spin the tires and see if it worked and I got it to read about 8 when it started to fall a little bit so I went higher and after 100 it fell completely. I never had a problem with the speedometer falling at all around 80 though I rarely drive that speed it still seems out of the ordinary. my guess is it could just be the cluster because I have been having problems with the tach since I put in this new cluster but I will check all that tomorrow.

While I was wheeling my check engine and ABS lights came on even though I don't have ABS. I assumed the light was because of the missing sensor but after replacing it the light stays on even though the truck runs fine. I will check it soon as I get an OBD2 however I still feel it's related to the sensor because the ABS light remains on.