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Soft pedal... next project.


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Mar 6, 2020
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It looks like there are two spring ends wrapped over the anchor pin from the left return spring?? What the hell is that?

While cleaning... when the shoes come off... you will see 6 spots where the shoes (3 each side) ride against the backing plate. They will have groves from the shoes rubbing on them. Sand paper or a scuffing disc on a dremmel or die grinder those smooth. This will also be where you place a little schmear of lube during assembly to let the shoes slide and not squeak.
About the two spring ends...I just noticed that in the image. Whatever was there it is not there now-- at least I did not see it when putting the retainer and two springs back on. As for lubing the backing plate, I did apply some high temp axle grease to those six spots but only hit them with a wire wheel. Seems well worth the extra effort when redo this job ....

I'm gonna try to respond to all of your posts here, so bare with me:

First, thanks for all the tips and the explanation on how they work. That helps a lot. This is the kind of stuff that should be in the Tech Library to help people like me. Normally I just pull shit apart and figure out how it works later.

Second, I enjoyed doing this job so much, I'm gonna do it again o_O -- this time , I'll incorporate all your tips.

A couple of other reasons for the redo:
The ebrake is now disconnected from the right rear. It's frozen because I never used it. Figured it would be okay for awhile until I can collect the parts I'll need. One of the kits I bought was mistakenly provided for 9 inch drums -- Caleb at AutoZone will hear from me on this one -- and there are none available for a few days. Most of the parts in the kit worked except for the auto adjust cable, which was for a 9 inch drum, so too short. I am driving without that auto adjust ability. I hope that doesn't do any damage.

Tell me you bought a couple brake spring tools to use.
What's a brake spring tool? I have the funny shaped pliers but have no idea how to use them. I just neanderthal'ed them.

So that's where I am now. I do have brakes. Pedal is back where it should be and strong, no spongey feeling at all.

Next week I'll tackle this thing again with more knowledge and a different outlook.

Thanks again T!

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