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RESTORING 1985 ranger 4x4 reg cab


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Jun 3, 2013
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Hey this is my first time posting. I have had several rangers over the years. All first gen rangers currently I'm rebuilding a 1985 ranger 4x4 standard. I have a bit of work to do. The alternator was wired to the engine by a monkey. Bypassing everything. I need to rewire the regulator just unsure as to where it should lead too within the ignition. Also took the bed off to refinish the underside and drivers side wheel well. Here's a few pictures. I'm about 1500 in she has wrangler 31's a 4 inch lift kit front and rear airbag suspension. I've began to redo the interior and other things the frame is refinished now the photos I have are of it half Way thru. Just looking for some opinions! I'm getting the seats reupholstered and going to do a v8 swap later but for now just restoring her and making it all work properly. The 2.3l has been fully rebuilt. And only needs the alt rewired I'm lost with it tho. I've installed it to the bat and solonoid and ground but the ignition one I can't figure out can I tap it into the solonoid a ignition switch cable?


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