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Rebuilt 5r55e issue


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Sep 8, 2023
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Sacramento, Ca
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4.0 V6
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Howdy. Our 01’ 4x4 4.0 ranger roasted the trans a while back. I had my 5r55e rebuilt by a reputable shop that I’ve used before and have a good relationship with. He went completely through it, new updated valve body and all the other good stuff. It shifts great and firm with the shift kit. Other than 2nd and 5th. Under normal driving conditions these transmissions hardly even use 2nd gear, I think it only shifts if you’re above 50% throttle. Ours will only do it at wide open. Then when it comes time to shift into 5th it’s so soft you don’t feel it, and then the converter will lock and unlock depending on how much throttle you give it. To me it’s obvious overdrive is slipping since 2nd and 5th are both overdrive.

My trans guy is a really good dude and he’s right here with me trying to figure it out, we have a great warranty and everything. I’m a diesel tech by trade so naturally I’m trying to diagnose it the best I can so I don’t waist his time or mine. (He gave me a great deal so if he ends up having to tear it apart again I’ll slide him some cash if he’ll even take it lol).

I’m not a huge automatic guy but I know the basics. To me it sounds like classic valve body issues. The overdrive solenoid not working correctly or something along that line. I’ve gone through all the sensors on the truck side of it that could affect the pcm values. What do you guys think? Valve body? Something deeper? Here’s a pretty picture to motivate y’all.


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