Possible Bad Ignition Switch


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Jul 13, 2019
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San Diego CA
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Ford Ranger 4.0
1994 Ranger 4.0 Automatic

About a week ago, placed it in park and went to shut it down. The engine shut down but I couldn't get the key back to the off position. I turned the key forward, started it up and was then able to shut it down properly.

Driving home today going up a slight grade felt a slight hiccup, just for an instant. About 1 mile later the engine just shuts down. I pull over to the side. Engine cranks normal but acts like there is either no spark or fuel. Fuel is half tank. When I turn the key on I can here the fuel pump energize. Fuses and relays in engine compartment look good. I put the key in, crank the engine and turns over but doesn't start. Notice can't get the key to the off position, try to crank it again, no start, but now key goes back to off.

Try it again, engine fires right up. I drive home, stop to close the gate and then it dies again. Cranks but doesn't start. Well at least I'm home. Try cranking in neutral, no difference. I leave the key on and cycle the shifter from Park to 1 several times, put it in neutral and it starts up. Now it fires up no problem, but hate that it can just quit while I'm going down the road if I don't take care of this issue.

I had replaced the ignition switch about a year ago. I have my repair manual at work and I don't recall all the steps. Is there an adjustment between the shifter and the ignition switch/lock cylinder hat if it's off could cause the ignition to cut out like that? If not, any ideas what to look at?

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