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May 1, 2020
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Burlington, WA
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Ford Ranger
Alright guys i got everything to transmoglify my ranger into a manual. Not sure tho how to run codes on my ecu. I was told that i could use my ecu from the automatic but i have to run codes. So please, how is it done? If someone wouldn't mind? P.S. I am replacing anything and everything that you need to pull the tranny to get to to replace or rebuilt or what have you. So what exactly would that be? Can someone whip out a list for ms please? I decided to go ahead and only use the pull-apart tranny and nothing else. So I ordered a brand new stage 2 clutch because it was only $22 more and it's a lot kinda thing cuz it comes with the stage 2 clutch kit, a oe flywheel, and a slave cylinder. And to my understanding the slave is a bit tougher than an oem slave. I also bought a rear main seal. The current one looks fine and is doing it's job but the second I get that granny in and everything done and sewed up.......BAMMMM!!! **** YOU NATE!!!! THIS IS THE UNIVERSE COMING BACK AROUND ONCE AGAIN TO SLAP YOU IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD THEN THE FACE THEN KICK YOU IN THE BALLS!!! ONCE AGAIN **** YOU NATE AND HAVE FUN UNDOING ALL THE SHIT YOU JUST DID!!! Haha but anyway if I could get a how to on changing my ecu for a manual tranny and a list of what I should replace while the tranny is out. Thanks again guys. You all really made this possible for me so far.

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