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New Clutch & Slave won't disengage


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Oct 18, 2017
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First time doing a clutch, and I'd like to say I'm 99% done... except it's not working. The basics: 1987 4x4 + 5speed.

I bought the M-PACT 07048WS kit from RockAuto: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8139676&cc=1137530&pt=1993&jsn=14. I replaced the pilot bearing, put in the new clutch & pressure plate, as well as new slave cylinder. Put the whole thing back together, and bled the clutch. Then tested: Press the clutch pedal down while a friend tried to roll the truck. Sure enough, it is still in gear.

Bleeding: The clutch does feel spongy, and I can't tell of the slave is moving. This is not the newer style hydraulic line with the quick-connect fitting; this uses an R-clip and has a bleeder valve on the slave cylinder. I gravity bled until no air bubbles came out. Also unbolted the master cylinder and held it level, then pressed in the shaft to try to get potentially trapped air bubbles to go up into the reservoir (basically the new quick-connect style technique used to get air bubbles out). When I open the bleeder screw and press the clutch, pure fluid squirts out; no air bubbles.

And finally: 1) Just cause I'm a rookie at this, I have to say: I swear I put the clutch in correctly. Flat side against the flywheel and the higher-side fitting into the bulge in the pressure plate. See if you can tell from the pic?? 2) Its a 23 spline and the old clutch is 8-7/8". According to RockAuto, my new clutch is 9". But it came with the pressure plate and bolted perfectly to the flywheel. Also, the kit's dorman key fits the old clutch perfectly. So I'm fairly confident its the correct part (was 100% certain until this strange clutch-not-working.... now, who knows?)


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