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Need Knowledgable Help


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Dec 21, 2009
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The mechanic at Ford forgot to put my air filter cover back on after servicing my vehicle. On the drive home my engine ingested enough water to cause the engine to lurch to a stop. Because I was doing 60 km/h down the road with the transmission engaged it forced the engine to push out the water and start back up. Ford claims no damage was done, but I need to know what the computer readout is supposed to say about my cylinder compressions etc. Obviously if I blew my head gasket the oil would be milky, so I’m not worried about that. I just need to know the exact numbers that the computer should be displaying so the mechanic can't bullshit his way out of it if the readout shows damage. My vehicle has 53,000 km’s. It is a 2007, 4 L, V6. Ranger FX4 Level II, stick shift, not that any of that matters. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


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