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my wheeler


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Mar 12, 2013
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saint helens oregon
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bought this in 2006 to replace my dying FSB...kinda fell into my lap at the right time.... it was stock except for the wheels and a front axle truss... I put a 4" lift on it 33"bfg mudders, flowmaster exhaust, a fabtech prerunner bar and some KC daylighter.... drove it this way for a few years as a double duty rig

on jan 9th 2009 I was rear ended by a lady with no license or insurance

and this is what was left of her car

basically I was cut off by another car and had to brake hard this lady was tailgaiting me and tried to swerve into the other lane and went under the right rear corner of my blazer which started to spin me around but because I was in the left lane my left front went into the median....she didnt say anything to me she was standing far away talking on the phone when I got out.... I heard her say things like my chest hurts" and such to the person on the phone.. both were impounded... she refused to give much info about herself on scene but was ticketed for no licence and insurance... I picked up the blazer the next morning( happened on my way home at 7pm)... I drove it home but knew it was messed up.... when my insurance co finally got a hold of the lady she told them " I dont feel the accident was my fault, I was hurt and I am gonna sue"... my insurance co said the same thing I did... go ahead!!... never heard anything else about that part of it... I was covered by uninsured motorist coverage... my insurance co totalled it for $2125 and I bought it back $125.... here it is now

current specs:

1981 chevy blazer silverado 4x4
engine: 350 crate engine, factory oil cooler, flowmaster 40 series exhaust, edelbrock 650 cfm thunder series off road carb

transmission: turbo 350 with stage 2 shift kit and aux trans cooler, B&M trans temp gauge

front: 10 bolt, 4.10 gears, true trac dif, axle truss, warn prem hubs
rear: 12 bolt, factory locker, 4.10 gears...

front: 4" procomp, procomp braided steel brake lines, offroad design steering box brace, power steering cooler pro comp 3000 shocks
rear: stock springs, 4" black widow performance shackle flip, DIY4X shackles and greasable bolts

other stuff: custom bumpers, offroad lights, aux battery tray, cobra cb,automoter gauges, seats from 90 burb, factory rollbar, high lift jack mounted with loc-rac, ammo can console, custom switch panels,herculined tub, air horns custom front plate mount

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