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my new steering wheel!


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Aug 12, 2007
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rochester, NY
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i was at the junk yard the other day picking up parts for the old ranger and I came up to this 1987 4X4 Mazda truck and the steering wheel on it looked awesome. so I climbed in through the sun roof and pulled off the steering wheel. I got it home and took of my steering wheel on my 91 ranger and I saw that the ranger was a smooth shaft with 2 flat spots and the Mazda steering wheel was a splined shaft and smaller diameter, so I took my trusty drill and drilled out the Mazda steering wheel to the right size for the ranger and I drilled 2 holes on each side of the Mazda steering wheel taped them and put two bolts in so it would hold the steering wheel from moving. I had to disconnected the horn (now I have a push button horn). I have a 2" gap from the Mazda plastic shroud and the ranger steering column and I might fiber glass the gap closed or some thing like that. but all in all it took me about 2 hours of toying around and I think it looks great. I am thinking of getting rid of the Mazda emblem on the center of the steering wheel and either get a emblem that says Ranger or Ford with a black back ground, I don’t know yet. I am going to get better pics of it I will post them when I get them.


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