More diagnosing done....right track or no?


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Aug 9, 2007
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I swapped the new FPR back in after crimping all the way around the outside of the FPR with small vice-grips (where the two halves of the FPR join together). No more leak, and the pressure is back as it was before. No loss of pressure after 10 minutes, and only 7lbs lost after 1 hour. The check valve (if that's what it actually is) is definitely in the FPR.

Also, it appears that I have finally fixed MY stumbling, bad running problems that have plagued me for the last year or so. I did the fuel rail acid wash/soak and cleaned and rebuilt the injectors. It runs like it's supposed to now, and actually has some power that I don't remember it ever having (it's been running bad for a long time!). I am convinced after much reading and research (and definitely some good advice here at the Ranger Station) that ethanol is really bad for these old Rangers. From now on I'm either running non-ethanol gas, or using "Lucas Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers" when I fill up. I'll be posting in the next few days what I did, what I used to do it, etc, because I have no doubt this is a common problem with these 2.9's due to ethanol "poisoning".

The check valve (if that's what it actually is) is definitely in the FPR.

think about that for a minute.

if there is pressure on the does it stay there? the fuel pressure regulator is a variable control valve.. it slams shut with no vac on it. the vac at idle overcomes spring pressure.

the pump has the actual check valve. its primary objective is to hold prime to protect injectors from dry run.

ethanol fuel sucks for the older stuff. but its fine with simple occasional treatments as long as the vehicle is used often. its when it sits for periods that damage gets done.

of course rust/coorrosion never sleeps. it has a cumlative effect. and the injectors catch the brunt end of that.

and injectors should have been checked or replaced about the second foray into this based on reporting...buys everything except those.

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