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2.3L ('83-'97) Maybe someone can point me in the right direction


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Oct 26, 2020
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Coon Rapids, MN
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Ford Ranger
Hi new to the site but have used this in the past to help figure out some things. I’ve got a 90 ranger, 2.3 manual and I’ve got an issue I can’t seem to pin point. It doesn’t happen all the time or at certain times but usually in 4/5 gear at anything over 3000rpms it’s seems to bog down(that’s the best way I can decide it) I’ll lose power and will have to pull over or if I’m not on a busy road I can slowly drive out of it. I’m basically stuck going 15-30 miles an hour but if I feather the gas real light I can get out of it pretty quick or turning it off for a minute works too. It just seems to hit a wall. Like I said it doesn’t happen all the time but only usually after I drive it for more than a few miles and past 3rd gear. Happened to me 4 times on a 2 hour drive and on the way back didn’t happen once. This has been going on for a while but I’ve been lazy and now I want to fix it. Was a farm truck so I’m guess 128xxx miles or even wouldn’t surprise me if it was only 28k. Hope someone can help thanks!

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