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Left dash cluster not working, at all


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Nov 18, 2017
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Hello, all.

I have a 1985 Ford Ranger-specifically a December of 1984, a weird transitional model that uses a mixture of parts from 1984 and 1985, most notably a mechanical fuel sender in a 1985 tank.

While this is my second car, this is the first one I've worked on. I know somewhere between jack and shit, and while I worked in a junkyard for a year and a half and can usually figure stuff out reasonably well, I'm not so good at putting things back together and will occasionally need to be led by the hand and/or not know otherwise common knowledge. Please keep this in mind when advising me.

My Ranger has a two-part dash: the right half has the speedometer and odometer, and the left has the fuel, battery, oil level, and engine temperature. This entire cluster simply does not work-no lights, no response on any level.

I've checked both the fuse for the dash lights and the rest of the fuses, and none look damaged. The 4WD light in the center between the two clusters works fine, as does the light behind the speedometer and the speedometer itself (I think.) It starts and runs fine, and the dome light lights up.

I can provide pics if requested.