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kirks build thread 97ttb 4.0 5spd


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Jul 21, 2009
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lets see if I can consolidate 8 years of chaos into something legible, and get a little credit before jump on and ask some dumb question while doing my friends 93 explorer.

began as a 97 4.0 5spd e case 4x4 with 330,000 miles that I traded my 01 edge 3.0 5spd with 298k to get. (it was prettier)

what's done: not in order because I cannot remember
-recarpeted and seats replaced
-12" sub box built into jump seat behind driver seat
-shell added with mild tubing inside to take the load of the roof rack
-interior lighting for the shell
-removable elevated platform bed with memory foam
-roof rack with sand jack, 60" hi-lift, and and the old hids
-fabricated ditch brackets with amber rigid leds
-all secondary wiring routed through second power distribution box with weatherpack connectors
-auxiliary lighting controlled through rotary switch on explorer dash bezel in place of rear wiper switch
-2spd volvo e fan, wired with a volvo relay, and bmw temp sensor. controlled by a switch in the cab with a on (high)-auto-and off positions and leds to indicate fan state of high, low, and off.
-explorer disc brake rear end swap
-ox manual locker for the rear
-4.10 gears
-warn manual hubs
-behemoth drivetrain doubler
-manual t-case swap and clocked
-modified, tucked, bol-on crossmember near front of tank so it can be dropped straight down
-64" leaf swap with custom assembled pack and reusable guides cycling 15" in the rear
-custom fabricated crossmember in the rear with old Custer 3.0x13" reservoir shocks (custom)
-fabricated anti wrap bars with design similar to caltracs racing but made for offroad
-bolt on 1.75x .120 Dom tube bumpers front and rear
-front has 3/8"uhmw over 3/16" aluminum with receiver
-rear is based on 2"x.250 wall square and covered by a roll pan and wrapped around the sides with dom
-welded sliders 2x3x.120 as the base with 5 ties to the frame reaching into the front and rear fender wells
-2.5" spintec exhaust
-standalone SDS ecm wired to be swapped back and forth to factory with fully functional instrument cluster
-innovate lc2 wideband O2
-duff dual shock coil buckets modified to run dual fox 2.0 reservoirs in double shear
-skyjacker crossmember and extended radius arms flipped and re-drilled to maintain caster and clear at bump with no lift
-f150 coil
-2011 ranger rear view mirrors and seats
-on 33x12.50x15s mickey Thompson classic locks going to Method Beadlocks (maybe this weekend)
all that pops into my head for now. I'm going to try and organize some photos and get them on here.

plans to engine swap to 4.0sohc and ditch the dual 2.0s in the front for single double bypass 3.0 reservoirs in the process
on the fence about 44 knuckle swap
speaking of, if anyone has done this and has 95-97 d35 knuckles and maybe I need them for a friends project ttb and I will be parting out what's not used on a totaled 2011 ranger 4x4

feel free to ask any questions and ill dig through the memory banks or run out and take some dusty pictures of stuff

edit: also forgot... m5Od gears 1-3 are from a 2.9 put into the 4x4 m5Od for the 97, giving a shorter 1-3 to deal with being heavy and on 33s with 4.10s
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