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Injectors not seated?


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May 19, 2020
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Boulder, Colorado USA
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Bronco 2
Hi guys, new heads on a 1986 2.9L Bronco 2. The new injectors on the passenger side don't seem to sit as far down as the drivers side. We unbolted and rebolted the fuel rail a few times and we can't seem to get the passenger side injectors to go down any lower with or without the fuel rail being bolted and (probably not the thing to do - soft mallet taps). Here are 2 pictures. The raised injectors are the passenger side and the seated are on the drivers side.

What can you tell me as to how worried I should be? Should I be trying some particular method to get those injectors to seat? Will this be ok or create a fire hazard from vapors being sprayed under the hood? Experienced help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.

Drivers side - #6 not shown but it is seated also:
driver side injectors2.jpg

Passenger side - notice not fully seated. Only #3 and #2 cylinders shown. #1 cylinder is slightly better seated.
Passenger side injectors2.jpg

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