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I love my Ranger!


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Jul 13, 2021
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Ford Ranger
I bought a 2009 Ranger XLT 4x4 for my daily driver, trips to home depot, and dump runs and..... well.... I wasn't expecting to fall in love. But I did. Now I am on a mission to 1) keep my Ranger for as long as possible. 2) Get it to drive and ride as good as possible. I am not a mechanic but I play one on the weekends. That is to say I'm capable and the first time the job may take a couple tries. So far I put Monroe load leveling shocks on the rear, Blistein shocks on the front, replaced sway bar links, new front brakes and rotors, and took care of rust on the Rockers (Grinding, sanding, sprayed 2 part epoxy, bondoed, sprayed 2 part tintable bedliner up to windows using pewter metal flake as color).

Now. I am pretty sure my sway bar is bent. One link was destroyed and hard to get in. The other was not and easy to get in. So there is that. The main thing I need help with is the rear suspension. I have some ideas that I want to bounce of someone who has more experience. I think I can swap the 3 leaf stock for 5 leaf Bronco II leaf springs but.... I also want to install DIY 4 link traction bars and reduce the spring load on the torsion bars to get an excellent ride. Possible put in helper springs to increase load capacity when loaded while keeping ride smooth when no load.

Oh, All the money I spend on my truck comes from side hustles and side jobs so I am on a budget.


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