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There is no such thing as a perpetual machine. Why is it HHO is ineffective and gasoline is effective. There is WAY more energy used in making gasoline. If very little energy can be used to add to a high energy made fuel and get greater mileage,cooler running engine and better bottom end power,then why not? True, takes approx. 30 amps @ 12v = 360ftlbs of power. Or 3.6 HP, far better than gas Alone.
Now please Makg, instead of having fun and using sarcasm, use advise where we would be going wrong and guide us in the right direction. Something tells me that when enough reports come out and it is considered official that HHO is working phenominally better than anyone could hope for, you will blasting all naysayers. Now please stay on a professional level with this. I for one will try it, if it works it works, if I get an additional 10-25mpg, that will be fine with me.

Gasoline isn't MADE, it's simply seperated out of a mix of complex hydrocarbons

SOME gasoline is made by "Cracking" (catalytically) heavier (longer chain)
hydrocarbons, but in this process absolutely ENORMOUS quantities of
butane (C4H10) and Propane (C3H8) and considerable Methane and Ethane
are also produced.

The Methane and ethane are piped into houses and electrical generation plants as "natural gas" along with "natural" methane and ethane.
Butane produced in US refineries is mixed into commercial "propane"
in varying proportions depending on season and climate as well as being mixed into "winter mix" gasoline.

Butane has a fairly high boiling point and the further north you live the more butane is probably in your gasoline during the winter.

In propane butane is mainly added in southern states because compared to propane it is "high boiling", so if you live in Minnesota your propane is proably pretty pure, while your gasoline is likely "high volotility" due to it's butane content (it aids winter starting)
Remember that "propane" is largely used as a "slang term" because the actual label on the container is "Liquid petroleum gas" which can be any of a variety of mixes.

But in the end not much actual energy is put into the combined process of exploration, drilling, pumping, refining and delivery to market.

your arguement is like saying there is WAY more energy used by a railroad locomotive than is used by a geo metro, but in proportion to the work accomplished there is NO comparison.

Producing hydrogen from anything is Endo-energetic.
It takes more energy to seperate hydrogen (NOT found "loose" in nature)
from whatever molecule it may be bound up in than you'll get from burning it.

Making hydrogen is like building a ski lift to the top of an enormous mountain then claiming that because it takes no energy to slide downhill that the entire process is "efficient".

It isn't and even if the other 6billion people on the planet report otherwise
I'm not changing my understanding of reality to agree to a common dilusion
or a lie.

you sir may make your own choice.

But I'll suggest that you have obviously drank deeply of the kool-aid (Jonestown Koolaid) and probably had a second glass
And are likely standing in line to ask for a third glass and the receipe.

AND I suspect you are probably a close relative of "Bagdad Bob".

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