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THE purpose to this forum is to answer questions relating to
transmission and transfer case problems.

To do so there is a certain level of information that must be provided with the question.(infact this is a good idea on ALL forums)

At MINIMUM we (the moderators and others who help out) need to know:
1)the year of your truck?
2)What engine?
3)Which transmission, IF you know what transmission you have! If you do not, then the engine you have and the year of your truck are "clues" that will help us narrow the list of possibilities.
4)2wd or 4x4?
4-a) if it's a 4x4 is the T-case Manual or Electronically shifted?

Many people come on and ask a question about a transmission problem by saying "My trans won't shift!" without even being bothered tt inform us if they have a manual or automatic!!!

So for help in identifying your trans (and saving us time in answering you), Here is a list of the possibilities:

NOTE: Do remember if you bought your truck used it is atleast possible that the trans is NOT the original type of transmission!

First, Ford's useage of Manual Transmissions in the Ranger, Bronco2, Aerostar and Explorer:
'83-87 2wd Rangers and Aerostars (all engines) with Manual trans will be either a 4sp
or 5sp "Toyo-Koygo" transmission. (Note: Aerostar 5sp only)

'83-84 4x4 Rangers/Bronco2's (all engines) with Manual trans will be either a 4sp
or 5sp "Toyo-Koygo" transmission.

'85-87 4x4 (any engine) can be EITHER a Toyo-Koygo 5sp (aka "T-K" or "Ranger-5")
OR it can be a Mitsubishi FM145 5sp manual(this trans is 4x4 ONLY)

T-K's are more likely to be found in 4cyl 4x4 Rangers, Bronco2's are more likely
to be Mitsubishi FM145's

'88-92 Rangers(4x4)/Bronco2(4x4 & 2wd) 2.9 engine can be
1)Mitsubishi FM146 (2.9 4x4 ONLY)
2)Mazda M5OD-R1 (4x4 version)

'88-92 Rangers 2wd equipped with the 2.9 engine there were both
1)Mazda built M5OD-R1 (2wd Version)
2)Mitsubishi FM132 (2.9 2wd ONLY)

'88-current production Rangers with 4cyl engines both 2wd and 4x4 (including the 2.0(carb),
2.3, 2.5 and (new) 2.3 DOHC will be a Mazda M5OD-R1.
this is the only manual trans factory intalled behind four cylinder engines
in Rangers after the beginning of the 1988 model year.

'88-95 Aerostars with manual transmissions will have Mazda M5OD-R1 transmissions.

'91-current Rangers with the 3.0 engine:
The Mazda M5OD-R1 is the only manual trans used in Rangers with this engine.

'91-2000 Ranger/Explorer with the 4.0OHV engine:
The Mazda M5OD-R1 is the only manual trans used in Ranger/Explorer with this engine.

2001-on Ranger ('97-on in Explorers with the 4.0 SOHC engine):
the Mazda M5OD-R1HD is the only manual trans used in Rangers/Explorer with this engine.

Though at some point ford switched to the even newer M5OD-R4, but I currently have NO information about this transmission.

NOTE: on Bronco2's ALL versions are equipped with 4x4 type transmissions, because the 2wd bronco2's use a "dummy" transfer case
I don't know why for did it this way, but that's the way they did it.
Though there is (as with all things), an exception, SOME late production 1990
B2's used a 2wd transmission with a BOLTED On flat flange and a longer driveshaft)

Now, Ford's useage of Automatic Transmissions in the Ranger, Bronco2 and Explorer:

'83-85 4x4 Rangers/Bronco2(2wd also) with NON-OVERDRIVE Automatic transmission
will be a C-5
'83-85 Ranger 2wd automatic will be a C3.
'85-94 Rangers/Bronco2/Explorer 2wd & 4x4 with OVERDRIVE will be an A4LD
'85-88 Rangers with NON-overdrive automatic trans
(essentially 2.0 carb engine ONLY) will be a C-3
'85-94 Aerostars (all engines) will be equipped with the A4LD trans
'89-94 2wd & 4x4 Rangers/Bronco2/Explorer will be equipped with the A4LD Overdrive
automatic trans with the exception of SOME '88-90 special-ordered fleet vehicles with
2.0 engines that will have C3 automatics.

'95-01 Rangers (2.3/2.5) will have the 4R44E trans.
'95-01 Rangers and Explorers with the 4.0OHV or SOHC will have the
4R55E trans standard Some trucks were also equipped with the 5R55E
(5speed automatic)

Lastly, Transfer cases.
'83-89 The Borg Warner 13-50 part time 4wd T-case
For 1990 trucks produced 11-89 or earlier were equipped
with the 13-50 T-case and others were equipped with
the Newer & Stronger B-W 13-54.

the 13-50 was made in several variations, but these were limited to
Electronic or manual shifted versions, and several output flange
connection variations.

The rear output flange was either a "half moon" yoke ('83-85) or
a "flat" flange ('86-91).

The front output flange is either a slip yoke (almost all) or a bolted-on
"halfmoon" yoke (1987-89 Ranger STX models with the "Highrider"
factory 2" lift (actually "leveling") kit)

ALL 4.0 equipped Rangers used ONLY the 13-54 T-case
All 1990 model year produced AFTER 11-89 and later
Rangers (all engines) and Explorers ('91-94) used the BW 13-54.

'95-01 Explorers (except the 5.0) used one of two distinct versions of the Borg-Warner 44-05 T-case (not to be confused with the similar 44-04 that is unique to the 5.0 AWD Explorers)

But one thing that MUST be discussed (for the benefit of supercab owners) is that '00-on Ford used a larger diameter Flange on the rear T-case output
This larger flange is the same diameter as the '90-up axle flange
and and this affects the ease with which you can swap in a particular one-piece driveshaft...

Please regard this post as a work in progress.
I only skimmed through it quickly in response to a PM.
I will take more time in the weeks to come.

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