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High Lift/Farm jack mount


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But, the location of my Hi-Lift mount, In my area of Driving/Wheeling/Off-Roading, and the things I do with the truck I will never see half the issues most people have with Hi-Lifts due to Lubrication, Rust, or Dirt. Never have and honestly dont know why people have so many issues. I get quality lifts. And probably use them maybe 5-7 times a year. Its a truck tool, not a household tool for me. I have a Hi-Lift in my garage for that haha. Get yourself a cheap bag and lube it when you put it away. It'll be a gross bag when unloading and loading but its very well worth it.

This is a general statement for most but not directed at anyone! I don't even know what most of yall are using. But for the love of gawd, stop buying cheap Hi-Lifts at yard sales that have been in service for 40 years expecting them to be perfect ;missingteeth; or buying cheap amazon/ebay/Harbor Freight lifts expecting multiple seasons from them. Unfortunately most of those are one time use HAHA! Buy once, cry once!
I have three Hi-Lift brand jacks of various ages, two of them are probably a couple decades old, one of which I found on the curb on trash day in a particular neighborhood. I use them most in the shop for dismounting tires, pulling fence posts and jacking up trailers that don't have jacks but obviously have used them offroad a million times too, rarely for recoveries, mostly for stuck and need to stack rocks under a tire or change a tire.

The one in my shop rarely needs lube, the two that I have on my wheeling rigs need lube every time I use them. Not sure what's different out in CA but rain water out here will rust metal if it's left out... frozen mud/slush mix is pretty bad, road salt is a death sentence. I'm not going to put a bag on my jacks but I definitely carry a can of something in the truck, garage door lube is usually my go-to.

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