HELP! P0301 code


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Jun 4, 2019
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San diego
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Ford ranger xlt
Hi everyone,

I just bought my first ever Ford project truck and was pumped to find a great deal on a 2000 ranger xlt sport with 4.0L rebuilt engine. The seller told me there were a little over 60k miles on the rebuilt engine, no problems/leaks with engine, no check engine light..... well he obviously put one past me and disconnected the battery before selling to turn the light off because an hour after buying it the CEL comes on. I run an ODB II on it and originally it pops up with a P0301 misfire in cylinder 1, also a pending code of P0171 right bank lean. I do some research on this ranger station forum and got a list of possibilities. I have done the following:
-oil and filter change
-replaced all spark plugs
-replaced spark plug wires
-replaced upstream right 02 sensor
-replaced upstream left 02 sensor

I no longer have the P0171 right bank lean pending code but I still have the P0301 misfire in cylinder 1 code.

I took the truck to the mechanic before doing anything else to save me time and money, but it did not go as easy as I thought.

This is the info/advice/tests done from the mechanic:
- found code P0301 misfire in cylinder 1
- tested cylinder 1 under PSI compression test= 85PSI ( needs to be higher than 100psi)
- thermal imaging showed heat

Mechanic told me I need new catalytic converters (both) and a whole new engine. He said he’s not “as sure” about the engine because he won’t know until he opens it up, but says “for sure” needs new catalytic converters because the thermal imaging showed heat.

Like I said, this is my first project truck, and my first ford ever, and I’m just learning how to Work on trucks.....
BUT, if my whole engine and c. converters were bad, wouldn’t there be a whole lot more than just one single P0301 code? Should I go to a different mechanic for another opinion?? The truck drives pretty decent, it does have a bit of a rough idle but never stalls/has issues starting or driving.
I also noticed a TERRIBLE condition hose- could this be my issue?? I am not sure which hose it is- possibly the PCV hose but I’m unsure... if I post a picture would someone be able to tell me which hose this is and if it could be part of my P0301 code problem?

Please help!! Any and all comments/ advice are useful, don’t be shy!