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hello everyone nice site


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Dec 31, 2011
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new jersey
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3.0 6 cyl.
i stumbled upon this site at work trying to find some answers for my 92 ranger. when i found it i signed up as soon as i got on here... i have had my ranger for three years now, and i love it. im glad to see other people that have the same passion for it.
my user name rangergoboom has two meanings .. the first ranger that i bought was a 1994 ranger reg cab two wheel drive... on the way home from the purchase something seemed to go wrong and i pulled up to a red light and was hit by a cloud of smoke. the oil cap on the truck was not put on right from the previous owner it popped off and caused a fire in the engine compartment. i ended up rolling back to in front of my house putting out the fire with a hose and cancling the check and calling the previous owner. he understood appologized and said dont worry about it
the second meaning to my user name would be my new truck. its a 1992 ranger that i bought three years ago . this truck has given me no problems.. what i have done to this one is just tinted the windows and put 2 12'' subs in the back with a 1200 watt amp. so this one goes boom .. lol..
well thats me in a nutshell .. hope to be posting on here alot .. thanks everyone !!!!

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