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General Whore'age and Questions


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Nov 24, 2009
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Headland Al
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Ok Been a while so I figures its some time for some new pics and questions and whatnot. Would be whoring it and moddin' More but 3 jobs suck sometimes.

HID's 35K 600ok HI-Lo From DDM Tuning, On low beams.

Old garage in my town now vacant

Back Shot Can see a New 3rd brake light.

Night Pics.

Painted Mirror covers, Still Need to redo the passenger side.

Paint on the hood getting worse.

Here are some shots of the light displacement, The bulbs needs to be adjusted, I am trying to find a way for them to work well with the housing, The Hi beams actually spread out like low beams and low beams is like fogs. The headlights are actualy already aimed but A friend was telling me to move the bulbs are to get em to reflect right.

Low beam

Hi Beam


And now, Thoughts and questions and idea's.

1. HID's, I like em yet I don't at the same time, Don't seem to be reliable as I want them to be, and I am dissapointed by the fact they are not as bright and simple as i expected. i am actually thinking on getting 55w ones for the heads But not sure. I was also thinking about Projectors But I haven't found a look I like yet.

2. I ordered a set for my Fogs and Hells so they will be installed soon, But i am gonna sell my hella 500's and upgrade to The 700's. I wan't a bigger light. But i am thinking on a Roll bar still and Havent found a stile of lights or a good size i want, I think some Square ones would look good and would be good candidates for a HID conversion but I am not sure on what type of Square or Rectangle Light I want yet.

3. It is about time for a total interior overhaul, I am planning on tearing out everything and maybe swap in some expo seats and console, install the OHC and Visors, Put in some peel and seel on the doors and floor and maybe dynamat and new carpet and go from there, But I wam wanting to upgrade to a completely new setup stereo wise, Any suggestions for speakers, head units, Subs and amps? My only thing is i want to have usable space and stuff hidden and stockish. i don't want no homeboys breaking my truck windows for some speakers.

4. I was wondering also on swapping a 4-door supercab, So i can 4 opening doors, What years were they made and would it be able to be done or too much work?.

5. Lift. I Want to get some bent beams and whatnot. Basically to be usable and soak up some bumps and everything, But even though it is cool, It wouldnt really be applicable here in alabama. I am wanting to get rid of my body lift and have are 5.5in of lift, because I intend to upgrade to some either 33's on17 inch rims or 33's on 16 in rims. I am not sure yet, But Should i spend money on beams or simply go for a 5.5 or 6 in lift?

6. I like the mirrors but I am thinking on going back to my old round ones, Should I or not?

So, Any suggestions or input? thanks for lookin guys.

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