Fuel sender was reading over-full, removed little inline black fuel sender module and now fuel gauge reads fine?


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Jan 20, 2009
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Hello everyone,
I wanted to clarify I'm talking about the little black box taped inline in the jumper to the fuel pump, not the specific gravity HZ sensor that commonly fails on the flex fuel 3.0L. I recently purchased a 2000 3.0L Flex fuel Ranger. The fuel gauge was reading over full all of the time. Circuits from inline to tank to cluster and cluster passed testing, power was also present to sender module. I was suspecting the flex fuel sender module or the sender itself. I opened the fuel pump jumper harness to access the flex fuel sender module and found 5 wires going to the sender module (2 grounds, 2 fuel sender circuits, and one power circuit). Sender resistance value for flex fuel and non flex fuel senders is the same so I cut out the black box and hard wired the fuel sender and ground circuits to each other. The fuel level gauge now works fine. The truck starts/runs/drives normal with no issue and the fuel gauge is reading accurately. So I'm curious what the flex fuel sender module actually does? I was originally thinking electrical noise suppression but that typically is a ground shielded circuit, not power. Does anyone know the purpose of this little black epoxy coated oval connection?