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Fuel Issues: Contemplating pushing it into a field and lighting it on fire.


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Aug 7, 2007
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I have a 2000 Ranger crawler. 3.0 flex, vin:V Need some fuel problem help.

I upgraded to a 33 gallon tank out of an old bronco. I adapted the bronco's fuel sending unit to work with the Ranger, along with the Ranger's pump and canister.

Havin tons of problems now.

The symptoms: Fuel pump occasionally sounds like it's built pressure after a few primes. Some times it sounds like it hasn't and won't build pressure. Starts easy. Runs fine at idle. No ticking or knocking, smoothe, fine. Has plenty of get up and go for a few minutes. The fuel pump then (every time now) winds up really loud and never kicks off. Then it boggs down and dies; Usually after putting a load on, taking it off, and then gassing it again. After starting it up (if possible) the loud whine of the pump continues. It gets to the point where if I give it any gas it studders, bogs, and then revs a tiny tiny bit.

When priming the pump, it sounds like it builds pressure. Some times it sounds like it just doesn't build pressure at all. When testing the pressure while priming it, it spikes up really quickly then falls back down to 0. It should hold pressure and slowly drop, correct? As of today it's not even reading on the guage. (It's also cold and snowy here so thinking there might be an issue with the guage)

With the engine running at idle, it held at a constant 59.5ish on the fuel pressure guage. (47-65 reccomended)
Haven't gotten an accurate reading of just priming the pump, but it falls back to 0 instantly.

Checked the pass side fuel rail, cracked injector. Replaced in the snow this morning.

My thought was the damaged injector could be dumping fuel in keeping it from holding pressure, or it could be dumping in enough fuel that when burned, the o2 sensor thinks it's running really rich, and leans it out to the point of death. No codes thrown.

Early on in diagnosing this problem:

First there were issues with the fuel return regulator (in tank, part of the fuel sending unit assy). It was just dumping gas back into the tank. Choked that off a bit with hose clamps to dial it in while trying to locate another regulator. (No luck so far)

Accidentally over pressurized the fuel system. Didn't run it long like that.

Fuel pump got dropped, replaced that. (Damn)

Electrical issues to the pump. Replaced fuse and relay. Fixed that.

Did some back yard tests:
Choked off the return line. Problem continued.
Primed pump and mid prime choked send. (Didn't hold pressure long enough to check the guage)
Choked return line, and then released it while running. Slight bog in engine but didn't kill it, continued running like shit.

No leaks or holes in any of the lines, as well as no kinks.

Thinkin it might be the fuel pressure dampener on the rail got blown when I over pressurized it.

Thinkin it might be the fuel pressure regulator is blown and staying open, or no opening when it needs to.

Thinking it might be the check valve in the pump itself. (Under warrenty, new one in tomorrow morning)

Tomorrow I'm going to choke off the fuel lines after the regulator. Depending on how it runs I can go from there. Choking it off and the truck running better would mean i'm getting too much fuel. If it doesn't run for shit I'm not getting enough fuel.

Any help would be great.

Thank you very much!