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Fuel filter relief

Caprock Rider

New Member
Nov 16, 2015
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West Texas
Vehicle Year
2002 (3 trucks)
Make / Model
Ford Ranger XLT
Engine Type
3.0 V6
Engine Size
All three 3.0's
2WD / 4WD
Tire Size
all 15", from 225/70 to 31x10.50
My credo
To each their own ____. If it's no skin off my butt, then I couldn't care less.
Ever had trouble changing a 3-port fuel filter on the later Rangers? Believe I'm referring to 2000 thru 2012. Perhaps uttered a few nasty words because there wasn't enough
room to use your fuel line unlock tool. Maybe end up struggling with a hacksaw blade as I have, then cuss even more trying to remove the cut-off port from the fuel line.

Well, next time your fuel filter needs to be replaced try this:
After you struggle to remove your old 3" diameter, 3-port fuel filter, replace it with a Wix 33667 (or same filter by another manufacture).

The Wix 33667 is the exact same filter as the 3" diameter 3-port filter that everyone says is the right filter for Rangers with 3 lines. The only exception is the ports are longer.
This will allow easy removal using standard fuel line unlock tools the next time replacement is needed.

If your Ranger has the 2" diameter 3-port fuel filter as some Rangers have, go to a junk yard and get yourself the 3" mounting bracket. Then again, after you struggle to
remove your old 3-port fuel filter, replace it with a Wix 33667 (or same filter by another manufacture).

Any future fuel filter replacement will no longer be a hassle.

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