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Front Axle Noise


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Ran dad down in town today and showed him the spindle. He said more or less said "I wouldn't risk it, but I don't know if a new aftermarket one would really be much better"

I have a good used spindle with no wear at all so I figure it would be good to keep the one off the truck around for an emergency spare. Of course when the pinhead pulled the spare spindle that is probably going on the truck they had to hit it several times on the seal area so I have that to deal with... maybe a speedi sleeve I dunno. It is almost worth buying a new spindle to just not have to deal with replacing the POS spindle bearing again.

I keep forgetting the stupid thing in the truck to get a picture though.
I'm surprised your dad is still talking to you after you ran him down. He must be a really forgiving guy.

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