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Extended Sway Bar Links for TTB Rangers


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Nov 22, 2017
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South Carolina
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I read somewhere on here recently that rear sway bar links from a 95-01 Explorer would work for the front of a lifted TTB Ranger, so I wanted to share my experience with this. I bought a set of these, but it turns out that the top bolt on these links is facing the wrong way. I believe to make these work you would have to press out the top bushing/bolt assembly and re-install it (or replace it with an aftermarket poly bushing set) in the opposite direction (see pictures). After doing some research, it looks like there are a few more options out there, some of which will work with less effort.


Pictured from left to right we have: stock TTB sway bar link, RWD Ranger rear sway bar link, 95-01 Explorer rear sway bar link.

The stock front sway bar links measure about 6" from bolt hole to bolt hole. The rear sway bar links from a RWD 93-2011 Ranger are just shy of 8" bolt to bolt, so I believe these would work well for trucks with 2-4" of lift. These sway bar links are oriented in the correct way for bolt-in installation for the front of a TTB suspension. (Pictured below)

The rear sway bar links from a 95-01 Explorer measure roughly 9.5" long bolt to bolt, but as mentioned previously need some modification to work for this. I believe these would work well for trucks with 4-6" of lift.

The final option I've come up with (not pictured) are rear sway bar links from a 4WD 93-2011 Ranger. These measure roughly 10.5" bolt to bolt, and are also oriented the correct way to work on the front end without modifications. These would probably work best for trucks with 6" or more of lift.


This is my truck with a 4" lift using the RWD Ranger rear links on the front. Hope this is helpful to someone out there!

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