2.5L ('98-'01) Engine build


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Jan 17, 2020
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Ford ranger
Hello, im considering building an engine to replace the one currently in my 99 2.5l ford ranger, i want to do this because my current engine is high on miles, almost 280k, and while it gets the job done it lacks the power id like, i love having a manual transmission and i love the truck and i dont plan to swap out the engine till it starts to have issues but i figured it would be fun to throw one together to replace it when the time comes and so i know every inch of what im replacing it with, only thing is im not quite sure what to replace it with, i want to stick with a 4 cylinder engine to keep that simplicity and reliability but also for space to work within the engine bay, i want something that will be reliable but give me a bit more power, i was thinking maybe the 2.3l duratec engine would be an interesting choice, 20 more hp than my engine new and my engine at its age has probably lost a decent bit of power as well so it might be a good step up but i also saw the l5-ve that mazda used and ford put in the escape, it seems alright however i heard its set up to go onto a 6 speed transmission whereas i have a 5 speed manual, other than that it seemed like an ok choice, about as much hp as my 94 ranger with a v6 and more torque than my current ranger while still maintaining simplicity and fuel economy, i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as well as some insight as to how difficult it would be to put the L5-VE in my truck, any information is helpful