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Conversion to Flex Fuel


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Apr 22, 2021
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Ford Ranger
Butanol as mentioned above is simply the GOAT in fuel, but it’s not yeast that converts feedstock (cellulose) to alcohol but another process that uses a bacteria that kills people and isn’t easy to harvest and culture- yet. All the power of gas, all the benefits of alcohol.

There is no miracle to alcohol. You burn more, period. All engine efficiencies being equal on a test platform, Ethanol or Methanol will always give less power and economy than gas due to much lower btu output. IF——- timing is advanced, compression raised, then alcohols can provide similar power to a gasoline tuned engine. Similar. The engine mods must stay put for alcohol and you only burn alcohol. That goes for FFV as well. FFV is a dynamic compromise, higher compression and more advance is a static compromise to provide support for alcohol.
The cure to alcohol effective btu is to consume more which…….. is inefficient per mile. There is no miracle in alcohol for power or efficiency, at face value.

Alcohol allows high compression, massive timing increase, cooler temps and fewer emissions. That’s the only miracle. And it’s not 10000 years old like , it’s harvested sun energy, converted same year it was harvested. That is the miracle.

Alcohol is renewable, relatively clean and potent enough. That is the only advantage for a road car to use any of it.
A race car——— screw gasoline. Let it become an alcoholic.
The government is losing their asses on corn liquor for cars. But the sky is clearer and certain people prefer to print money to keep the sky bluer. That’s E85 for road vehicles. A green agenda costing all of us billions. There is so much diesel burned to process corn, so much electricity used to distill it——- that blue sky is very expensive- especially when you think about the trees that die every year to print the fiat currency to pay for it——- my oh my.
But alcohol fuel IS bad ass! Just not from corn and not for the average car owner with the average car.

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