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Coming back to a Ranger!


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Aug 6, 2007
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New Port Nowhere FL
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2.3, what a turd...
Just waiting on my F150 to sell. I bought it last year for $800 with a blown up motor, I've $1600 total into the truck. Blue book says its worth $5600, its up for $5000 right now, now I wait....

The 150 is a way nicer truck then any Ranger Ive had, but I'm really excited. Between the gas and insurance, the money I'll save will be nice.

My plan now is get a cheap bike like a dual sport for getting around town, and a Ranger for hauling my Dirt bike and rainy days. I'm defiantly getting a 4cyl single Cab short bed. I'm gonna go turbo on it but I can't decide between a 96-97, or 98-2000. The extra cab room and the bigger motor would be nice for the turbo if I got a 98+, but I like the twin I beam front end, and I think a 96-97 with a 4x4 valance looks better then a 98-2000 .....

But then again I could get a '98+ 4x4, pull the front diff and get a set of 2wd Edge Spindles, then go Explorer 5.0 swap. That seems like it would be a nicer truck and could be a would a alot faster...

Idk what to do, I'm excited though. I really like the idea of a Project truck :icon_welder:. But My 150 is so nice, every time I drive it I Think I'm just gonna keep it, and I don't wanna get rid of it then regret it.

Ahhhh decisions
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