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chrome covers

Road Angels

Sep 10, 2013
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cold as hell
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I recently purchased a Trans Dapt chrome cover it was really heavy duty twice the weight of the stock 7.5 cover deep luster to the chrome, was impressed but when I put it on a flat surface it was warped so bad from the poor stamping equipment or from the gauge of the metal being just to thick, The gasket suface was also rounded and in no way would seal, bolts where small head hex with no washer to protect the chrome when torqued down sent it back and bought a Mr. Gasket cover same price but more the weight and thickness of the stock one, chrome is good but not as good as the trans dapt, bolts where factory style stainless with washer built into the head, the nice thing is when I set it on a flat suface it was perfectly flat as was the sealing surface and it fit perfect, if trans dapt could get the quality down they would be tip top but its not what it should be both covers are made in Taiwan:icon_cheers:

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