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Dec 24, 2019
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Bronco II
My 1986 EFI with the 2.9 had the black cartridge filter thing. I think that is why Ford calls it the "fuel reservoir".

On your later pump with the pipe around it, it will not be sealed since the pump needs to pull in fuel. But the places it pulls it in are small areas, so when you go around a turn and all the fuel sloshes to one side in the tank, it will take time for the fuel inside the pipe to drain out of those smaller areas, so that keeps the fuel around the pump a little longer and stabilizes it some instead of the pump becoming completely dry when the fuel sloshes to one side.

Tanks with official baffles have small holes in the baffles so the fuel can transfer through the baffles to supply the pump or the pickup, but when the fuel sloshes violently around, the small holes in the baffles delay the fuel moving keeping it where it's at.

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