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bucket seat bezel interchange


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May 15, 2021
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Ford Ranger STX
Hello, new to the forum and just purchased 1992 Ford Ranger STX (finally found one that I like with a 4.0L engine and 4WD). Haven't picked the truck up yet, but I know that it is missing the light gray bucket seat bezel/ trim panel on the driver's side. Not sure if PA swapped the driver's seat with a different year or maybe this driver's side hinge/ release lever looks stock for a 1992 STX? (pictures attached) Anyway, I've been looking for a bezel or pair on eBay and I'm not sure if I need Ranger specific bezels (if so, what years will work) or did Ford use the same bezels for seats on full size trucks (select years)? The ones that I see usually will say that they are for a:

92-96 Ford F150 F250 F350 Bronco LH & RH Bucket Seat Trim Panels Light Gray
92-96 Ford F150 F250 F350 Bronco

Would these be too big or do the attachment holes not line up? Would Bronco ll bezels be the same? Another option I thought of would be to buy the smaller plastic ones that just cover the hinge/ lever...or cut down the full side panel. Not sure if all of these trim pieces are year specific. Called a Ford dealership and they could only tell me the part # for the one I'm missing. Thanks in advance.