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Ball joints and a local mechanic


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Mar 12, 2021
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Ranger 4.0 OHV
Hi all,

I have a 91 Ranger 4.0 4wd that desperately needs new ball joints.
I tackled the passenger side last week and although it was difficult, it was doable. It took longer than I hoped so I opted to take it to a local reputable shop for the driver side.

here’s where it gets weird: I drop it off Monday morning, shop says it should be done by end of day. Sweet.
end of day comes around and the shop says that the day got busy and they “lubed up” the truck to make everything come off easy. Unfortunately won’t be done today but they’ll get it done tomorrow.

Well Tuesday comes and goes. Shop calls and says brakes need to be replaced (they are low I can attest) but I decline service as I plan on installing new rotors within the next couple weeks. They make a fuss about the ball joints I provided, try to upsell me but reluctantly agree to use mine (AC Delco gold). Truck will be done Wednesday morning.

now it’s Wednesday night. Shop calls again and says the upper ball joint has a manufacture defect and “doesn’t fit” I’m at a loss for words and I tell them I had no issue with the passenger side. They claim defect and state they will order a new one and give me mine back. Hours later they call me and ask me if I have a camber sleeve for them. What? The sleeve was on the old ball joint? I got an alignment 6 months ago and there was no issue then. How is it that the sleeve is missing now?

shop says truck will be ready tomorrow morning and apologies for the delay.

my question is: do I have a right to be so upset? How can a young 20s male install one side in 6 hours but it’s taking the “professional” shop 4 days to do the same? Plus parts are broken and now missing? Is it even possible for me to be missing a camber sleeve for six months without noticing?

Have any of you experienced this kind of thing before? is there anything I should say that will adequately communicate my distrust of their services?


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Mar 16, 2018
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Ask them to save the old parts and return them with the ball joint you provided, and have them fully explain the defect they say it has. If the side you redid has the camber sleeve (?) ask them how it is the side they're doing doesn't have one? have them show you the missing part, or the new one they provide, if they haven't already done that work.

This is why most here prefer to do their own work, so they know what's done and how it's done, and know who to blame if it's not right.

You have a right to be upset but "The first guy to lose his temper is not the winner."

Good Luck with the outcome of this frustrating experience.

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