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bad fuel milage, rough idle, no power


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Jan 3, 2011
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hi i have a 1992 ranger 2wd 4L. during the winter i was getting 7.7 mpg and now im using 14 mpg. i understand in the winter i use heat but im up in canada so im still using heat although its abit warmer out, the rough idle also gets alot better when the air is warm, its so bad on a cold morning that if i dfont rev it to 2000 rpm right after i start it it will stall, and the no power is plain and simple no power, to the floor to get up a decent size hill. when i hit the brake it feels like theres an air pocket about half way through the push and my revs go up for a second then back down. im idling at about 600 rpm when im in drive. heres the thing... new fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, muffler, cats, air filter, pcv valve, thermostat, plugs, plug wires, MAF has been cleaned, and i have ran throttle body cleaner through it, aswell as carbon cleaner, any ideas? im all out please help!!