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Arm rest 1990 xlt

Duane Becker

New Member
May 27, 2021
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Elk, Washington
Vehicle Year
Make / Model
Ford Ranger xlt
Anyone have access to a 1990 xlt arm rest-it attaches to the 60 drivers side of the 40/60 seat. Seems to be just the hard foam with a zippered cover. No compartment or lid. I have seen one at a local wrecking yard but I can't remove it from the seat. The bolt holding it seems to be rusted over and cant get any type of socket or locking plyers to stay on the head. I may end up cutting the bolt-the the yard only permits a regular hack saw.
There is one on ebay for $129 bucks, but that's too much really. Anyone have an extra they would part with? Or any online part sites that would have them reasonable?

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