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Anyone know of a stillen body kit still around?

Michael MAnning

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Apr 8, 2019
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Horn Lake, MS
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Ranger XLT 2.3l
I have one of the original saleen body kits, I have confirmed with the saleen registry site. I bought is about 20 years ago from a guy that parted out the truck, neither of us knew what it was at the time. I have the entire body kit minus the mirrors and razor back. the mirrors he forgot to ship me and the razor back I was young and couldn't afford the extra money to ship it. I do not have the rims, or interior. We also modified the rear truck bed flares from 7ft box to a 6ft box. I was building my truck into a custom mini truck when life happened and I never got the truck back together, I ended up selling it all off in pcs except for the rare body kit. I have it currently stored in a shed, Im located in MN, If any one is interested, it is for sale either by pickup or shipping. please contact me if you or someone you know is interested.
If you still have it, please send me pics of what u have left and a good price

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