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anybody used pinion depth gauges on D35 SLA?


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I don't have an L tool yet, the manual specs it as 1.700" I'm going to make one.
go back to post 7 for a diagram of the setup tools
the big tube lies across the carrier bearing saddles, this is where the gap is measured between the tube and L tool.
the L tool is stacked on top of the disk.
the disk is in contact with the inner bearing race. (where the shims go)
they rotate around like the pinion does, that allows the L to swing out to the bottom of the tube
the factory specified distance between the inner bearing race and the bearing saddle tube is the disk + the L tool.
the measured gap between the tube and L is the shim needed, after it is adjusted by the +/- amount etched into the end of the pinion gear.

the small disk is for centering the threaded rod in the bearings

since the carrier bearings and pinion bearings centerlines don't intersect a block was needed to bridge the gap
they cut a chunk out of the block, now it's an L of a block.

you just said that to get me to type a bunch, didn't you :pissedoff:


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