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97 exp 5.0 into 03 Ranger edge wiring help please!!!


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Jan 16, 2012
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Hi, I have an 03 ranger edge ext cab 2wd that came auto with the 3.0. Don't feel like explaining what happened but the 3.0 is in the yard and the 5.0 is about to go in. I have an entire 1997 mercury mountaineer as a donor. My only problem is I'm not too great on wiring just kinda getting by when I need but I've got lots of searching done and anyways, my ranger has the starter solenoid on the starter? And the mountaineer starters the same but it has the driver side fender solenoid. Do I use the mountaineer solenoid? After reading a couple similar swaps they are saying I need to use the explorer engine harness, battery harness, and computer. But no one has mentioned if I need to swap the fuse boxes between the 2 (located back drivers side in engine bay). Need to know that part because since the battery harnesses aren't the same the ranger one doesn't run into a fender solenoid and the explorer battery harness doesn't look like its gonna connect to my ranger fuse box, they actually don't even connect on the same side. But I'm mechanically there just not with wiring. At this point I don't care if these questions are stupid just need help...also want to ditch the PATS system and since I will use the explorer computer what else will have to be done?...and I already know about the fuel pump I'm taking the pump out of the exp and lines and turning my rangers into a return style fuel system...thanks in advance and if there is ANYTHING you think I'm missing or should know about to get this thing to start and run I'd really appreciate it!!

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