96 ranger Body swap


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Oct 28, 2019
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Ford ranger
Hello. My name is Ben and I am new here. I have read as many other forums as I could. I have mostly completed my body swap and you can call me dumb but here it is...

I have a 1988 ranger and it is on a 1996 ranger frame with the 4.0L and the transmission that goes with it. I pulled the body off my 88’ and pulled the body off my 96‘. The 88’ body is on the 96’ frame and the truck is running and driving (was a nightmare) I should have done more research before doing this but I didn’t so don’t drill me for it.

I am having problems wiring the controls and since I want it to look completely factory I am using the 88’ controls ie. climate control, turn and lighting controls wiper switch ect..

Does anyone have any insight on wiring up the Climate control and gauge cluster? Someone told me the 96’ wiring system runs grounds instead of 12 volts. Is this true and is there a way to make my 88’ controls and cluster work with the new (96’) wires?

Thanks in advance for the help

for anyone interested
6 inch suspension lift with fox shocks w/reservoir
3 inch body lift
Running 88’ manual shift T-case
The 96’ has 100k less miles, bigger rear end, bigger front axles, Dana 35 front diff
At least 50 more hp than the 88’ 2.9L, and a boatload less problems. Lol