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94 ranger a4ld no OD or TCC or Cruise


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Apr 24, 2024
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Ford Ranger XLT
Not sure if the cruise issue is related to the lack of od or TCC lockup but I haven't been able to get it to work either. All fuses have been probed and confirmed good in inferior and engine bay.

Both features work mechanically if I ground them manually while driving. During a koeo test I was able to see the PCM command each solenoid, voltage dropped to .40 volts on each solenoid.

Only code I'm getting is a 528 that will not go away. Confirmed AC and defrost are off.

The live data system I'm using shows my TPS and speed sensor are working correctly. The only sensor it is not reading is my BOO sensor, even after replacement. It just shows as off, however I do have brake lights so It is working correctly, PCM just doesn't see it.

Could the neutral safety switch have any affect on OD or TCC lockup?

What all does a PCM need in order to get these features commanded?

Any help is appreciated!

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