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94 b2300 manual 4th gear stutter


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Feb 20, 2017
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About 1000 miles ago I replaced my cluthx, pressure plate, flywheel, rear main seal, and throw out bearing, I had an extra slave cylinder but mine was in better shape than the extra so I didn't replace, however when I went to bleed the clutch after it was put back together the small line going to the tranny was frozen and I didn't want to break the line, and I still had pretty good pressure on the clutch pedal without bleeding, however after all of it I've got some issues, the main issue is that my 4th gear stutters at what seems to be any rpm when I shift into gear, sometimes it's light and sometimes it shutters the whole truck. My clutch pedal also lets out really high, within a half an inch so I barely have to push in the clutch to get in or out of gear. The last problem I've got is that my reverse grinds even if the clutch is pushed In, not always, but it's getting more frequent. I don't know which problems would correlate with which but I'd like to fix whatever's going bad

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